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All I Ever Learned I Learned From Pirates of the Caribbean...

1. Rum is good.
2. Everything is savy. You're savy. Your dog is savy. Your dead grandmother is savy.
3. Eyeliner can look really good on guys.
4. If pirates are coming, hide the khol. Even and especailly the purple khol.
5. If you practice swordplay for hours on end, you aren't obsessive, merely fighting for your love.
6. Always know slight of hand in case the undead want something from you.
7. Rum is good.
8. Really, really good.
9. Did we mention we like rum?
10. Never burn your supply of Rum.
11. Never get drunk with a pirate. It's a generally bad idea.
12. If you're stranded on a desert island, you will be rescued. Even is your supply of rum is gone.
13. Don't make deals with the undead.
14. If you are slapped by a girl you probably didn't deserve it.
15. Unless you stole her ship and sunk it. Then you deserve it.
16. Only carry one bullet in your gun at a time.
17. Silverware flying from a cannon is good to poke out wooden eyeballs.
18. Silverware is just as good as cannon balls against the enemy.
19. Beware of undead crossdressers.
20. Watchout for those honest men.
21. Never trust the British to follow your plan. They won't get it.
22. The British win. Always.
23. The Pirates help the British win, but the British still win.

Written mostly by chibirhm with help from phoenix7771
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