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Everything I Ever Learned I Learned From Friends (The One Where Everybody Finds Out)

1. If you're roommate is dating her best friend and you're not supposed to know about it, it's more fun to tell them about it.
2. Wait, no. That's the wrong way around. You don't tell them and have fun of your own.
3. If you go with one, do it like a barber shop quartet.
4. Joey has no secrets.
5. Well he has Hugsy his bedtime Penguin pal.
6. Use your position as the roomate
7. Watch, learn, and don't eat my cookie.
8. Be obvious.
10. Chandler will still not get it.
11. Chandler's grandfather is Swedish, and his grandmother was a tiny little bunny
12. "I'm going to do some laundry." Means "I'm going to have sex."
13. Leaving a small basket of muffins is not going to work when you want an appartment in New York
14. People always send mountain bikes when they want an apartment.
15. Ross is a cheapsake
16. Don't use the Barber quartet on both sides.
17. The messers, become the messies.
18. Don't be Joey.
19. If you want to get something from Joey, stike up a conversation about sandwhiches... or Rachel's underwear.
20. Monica's team always wins.
21. Joey is really skilled at tearing shirts open without ripping off buttons
22. Pheobe's very bendy
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