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All I Ever Learned I Learned From Under the Tuscan Sun

1. Short term apartments are for people going through devoices
2. Doctors must give out sleeping pills
3. devoiced lawyers give free legal advice
4. writers help others with their suicide notes
5. going on a gay tour of Italy when you’re straight is very healing
6. Follow the flower!
7. follow the odd lady who rubs herself with a duck
8. writers write other peoples postcards
9. British ladies in black are full of mystical advice
10. gay guys like to take pictures of sheep
11. sheep lead to plot devices
12. reiterate number five
13. by a house on a whim
14. signs are good
15. birds pooping on you in Italy is good luck
16. old houses have quirks, and former tenants
17. you can hired the muscular descendants of the gods
18. you can not *69 Italy
19. Grannies can have affairs when on line
20. don’t try and speak Italian
21. never lose your childish enthusiasm and things will come your way go Polish men in tights
22. snakes are famous for changing their minds
23. Love is blind. It’s true for everyone
24. red lights are just suggestions.
25. ladybugs are metaphors for sex.
26. life is strange
27. quelle surprise
28. all Italians are creepy
29. it’s not good to have boiling hot water in your toilet, but it gives your ass a facial
30. the fuacet is full of symbolism
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