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Everything I Need To Know I Learned From When Harry Met Sally

1. Men cannot be friends with women.
2. Women cannot be friends with men.
3. Women are sensible.
4. Arthur and his wife are NEVER going to break up.
5. Rolladexes are good for more than just addresses.
6. Your true live will never leave you alone. Ever. Even if they want to.
7. Sex ruins EVERYTHING.
8. Until you make up.
9. Then it's awesome.
10. 80% of women have faked an orgasm.
11. Most of them do a really good job of it.
12. The guys don't notice anyway.
13. Casablanca has the best last line of any movie in existance.
14. Double dates never turn out the way you'd expect them to.
15. Women can apparently meow.
16. Sometimes, you just KNOW about a guy, the way you do with a good melon.
17. Days of the Weel undies don't come with Sundays.
18. A straight best friend of the opposite gender is only good for 12 years or so.
19. If you think you're over someone, think again.
20. Men and women can be friends. They just have to be lovers too, eventually. Mother Nature takes her payment for letting you live on this earth, after all...
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