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Everything I ever needed to know I learned from my Puppy.

1. Redheads have the MOST fun.
2. Never eat an entire thing of rawhide.
3. Give kisses at every oppurtunity
4. If something squeaks, chances are it is alive.
5. In that case, shake it very hard
6. Just because you're small doesn't mean you can't kick ass.
7. Bark at something if it comes in your yard.
8. If you look cute enough, someone WILL play with you.
9. However, this same principle does not apply to getting food.
10. That does not mean you shouldn't try.
11. If you are too short to do something, a friendly tall person will do it for you.
12. Big dogs are fun to play with.
13. The same goes for frisbees.
14. To get to know someone really well, sniff their butt.
15. Tummy rubs are wonderful.
16. Never be embarrased to do public grooming.
17. Always take a walk, even if the weather is bad.
18. Make someone come on the walk with you to pick up your poop.
19. Whenever the treat comes out, sit.
20. If you sit and still do not get the treat, then stand on your hind legs.
21. You may be small, but goddamit, you can still be cute!
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